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Well, I am either a refugee or the title of this blog title is very misleading.  Sure, I was a diaper wearing thumb-sucker when I got here but it still counts.

My family came to Australia a little over 28 years ago. We didn’t arrive by boat. Not that it’s a bad thing being a boat person. These days Australian’s really seem to love boat people. tThey send boat people to an island that celebrates Christmas all year long. Happy Hanukah. Some of the boat people are lucky enough to be sent to Malaysia. I hear that Sabah is a relaxing holiday destination.

My mum, dad and I came to Australia in 1983 on travel documents provided by the UN. I was so little that in my photo you can see my mum’s hand propping me up on the seat. I’ll find it one day and post it here. In the meantime, trust me –  it’s pretty cute.

My mum and dad also known as Baby Mummy and Baby Daddy rebuilt their lives brick by brick and along the way gave me my baby sister who I like to call Baby.

In 2006 I got hitched. Yee-Ha! I call him Male and he calls me Female. Oh so romantic. And in February 2011, we welcomed a precious little addition to our family, a baby girl who we call Little Lady.

So far life’s been pretty interesting and who knows what else I got in store for me!

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