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My new cookbooks

April 16, 2010

I just ordered Stepanie Alexander’s “The Cook’s Companion” and Frank Camorra’s “Movida Rustica” from here. Can you believe they have free shipping to Australia? No one even ships to Australia let alone ship for free. Yippee!

The best news of all is the total price I paid for these two new found loves was a staggering $84.68 AUD. If I’d bought them at Border’s I’d be looking at paying over twice that. Don’t believe me? Check it out here and here.

I am so excited!


Not Without My Daughter

April 13, 2010

I was at a work function last night when one of my colleagues began discussing her recent trip to Qatar to visit her boyfriend’s parents. His dad is working on the Pearl.  Of course this was followed with quips about the effect of man-made islands on our oceans and the issue of importing water because the Middle East has no water.


Only some regions of the Middle East have no water.

Iran has plenty of water and it even snows in Northern Iran as evidenced here, here, and here.

Most of the crowd was wowed by this little tidbit. And because I had a captive audience, I may have followed my comments up with something to the effect of, “Yeah, everyone seems to have this image of Iran that’s based on the movie Not Without My Daughter which of course would be a little biased given the author and the subject nature of the book”.

I think my comments clearly demonstrate that I believe Not Without My Daughter to be an inadequate summary of life in Iran.*

But someone else in the group interpreted my comments as a love for Not Without My Daughter and then begun a 5 minute diatribe about how great the book and the movie are. She even recalled a section of the movie when Sally Field’s character goes to Arabic classes.


People in Iran speak Farsi.

I don’t know why her comments riled me so. I have no allegiance to the country that persecutes my family and friends to this day but Iran is a part of me that I cannot shake no matter how hard I try.

* Um, said the person who has never been to Iran in her life.